Hi, I'm Tracey. I am interested in a range of topics, but the main in-depth ones are computing and politics, or social justice more broadly.

Some other areas include art, music, user experience design, game design, science, mathematics, cooking and journalism.

In relation to computing, I am interested in the visions which include the understanding that it is not just a tool, it is a dynamic medium. I'm currently investigating the works of Alan Kay, Bret Victor and others. I'm looking into expanding my perspective and understanding as much as I am able.

Politics and Social Justice

I like nuanced and comprehensive analyses, and different perspectives. I like striving for solutions that are workable for all parties involved. I support trying to understand and respect people even if I totally disagree with their opinion.

My current main source of journalism in Australia is the ABC, and my favourite shows on ABC relating to politics and journalism are Planet America, Media Watch, and the political satirical show, Mad As Hell. More recently, I am enjoying the level of sophistication in the language of the NYTimes, and have been using it more frequently as a source of US politics. In 2019, I used to check The Guardian as my main source of journalism, but not really often nowadays.

I feel a strong sense of civic responsibility and duty, and I value integrity, accountability and honesty. I try my best in my everyday life to live up to my ideals. Sometimes putting these into practice has unfortunately hit roadblocks, or been unfeasbible, which is difficult.

I'm still trying to work on getting into situations where it is easier to practise these, nonetheless. For example, I am a vegetarian right now, but it was after two-three years or so of being flexitarian, and facing the difficulty of having some pressure from my parents to eat meat. As another example, I disagree with the ATAR system in Australia, and I ended up quitting. And I have attended three climate strikes, but it has generally become difficult for me to be in large crowds. So I am working in other ways.

In the choices I make, I aim to choose ones that I believe will have the most bang-for-buck overall, in terms of the impact of my contributions. This includes multiple possible plans and pathways, but I'm always striving for a certain vision of dignity  and decency for all.

Purpose of this outlet

This place is one such outlet where I hope to be able to share my thoughts and insights. This is not quite ideal, though, as Ghost doesn't allow for much of the basic expectations I have for dynamic authorship. For example, to see how each written post looks on my site, I often have to have separate tabs.

Ghost even provides a link to View Post when you update a blog post, because you cannot see how it looks on the website from the editor.

The service that I really need — and this is what is more worrisome for me — is the ability to weave interactive experiences that are guided.

For example, if I wanted to talk about an idea that the game Sky: Children of the Light has given me, I sure would like to let you play snippets of gameplay from that game itself, and my proposed ideas for a particular facet of gameplay. New features would be layered on my proposal, that are introduced to you as you continue to "read" my dynamic piece.

You would also see parts where I have drawn inspiration from other games, and be able to play a part of that game that I have chosen to show you, where that specific item is drawn into isolation for emphasis. This is not a service that is comfortable to do with most computers today, unfortunately, nor is it welcome with the heavy restrictions on copyright.

These days, game design documents, though they are describing a dynamic experience, are largely done as static pieces that are sometimes updated.

But this is not a service that is strictly just for literary or entertainment experiences, I actually really need this to illustrate, to you, the ideas that I have for humane ways of living.

I'll post here for now.

But going back to some other introductory business, some things for a public audience might be:

  • I'm working as a content creator for Hopscotch Technologies, after previously having worked there as a remote intern (opinions expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect anyone else's opinions, including that of my employer)
  • I worked on some fan-creations for Sky: Children of the Light including founding the Music Guide on the Sky wiki, and an attempt to create music sheets with a stronger visual and spatial aspect.
  • I was at a private school in Australia from years 9-11 on an academic scholarship, though I ended up leaving due to my ideals, and due to mental health circumstances that arose

Cover picture of my avatar, on this post, is by Mor (formerly @asfodeltide on Twitter).

Site header image on homepage is a photo by Conor Sexton on Unsplash